What is the NDIS?

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is a package of funding for people with a disability (participants), to pay for their allied health therapy appointments.


An NDIS "plan" will contain the participants "goals" that they are working towards along with the ways that they will aim to achieve their goals. For example, they might plan to have psychology appointments to help with anxiety related to their disability. There are many possible goals, and many different ways that participants will reach them.


A participants NDIS plan will list their goals along with how much money has been allocated to them to achieve their goals. 

How are accounts paid?

There are several ways that an NDIS client might pay their invoices, but only two ways are available at ABLE Clinic. 



The account to be paid in full on the day, and the claim can be made on the NDIS portal for reimbursement.


The account to be paid in full on the day, and the receipt can be sent to your plan manager for reimbursement.

The third way that NDIS plans are managed is by the NDIS Agency directly. These participants are referred to as “Agency Managed”, and the business requests payment directly from the NDIS.

Please note: ABLE Clinic is not currently registered to provide services to Agency Managed clients.

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