Please note that a minimum of 24hrs is required to cancel an appointment.  As we have extensive waiting lists, this enables us to offer a much needed appointment to another family.  If notice is not received, the following cancellation fees will be charged:

Psychiatry: $100 

Private Psychology: $100 

*NDIS Psychology: $211.30

Paediatrics: $50 

Private Social Work: $100 

*NDIS Social Work: $174.50

*NDIS Participants: Under NDIS guidelines, up to 90% of the intended cost of the session will apply. 

If you do not attend a confirmed appointment on the day, you will be charged the full fee of the appointment.  These fees are required to be paid before another appointment can be booked.  Thank you for your co-operation.


Appointments that are not confirmed 24 hours prior to commencement, will be cancelled. Due to our extensive wait lists, our clinic needs to offer these appointments to other families in urgent need. Thank you for your understanding.

We thank you for providing 24 hours notice of a cancellation so that we can offer the appointment to a family in need.