ABLE Clinic is a private paediatric and adolescent mental health clinic established in 2015. 

Childhood and adolescence can be challenging at times and parents often find themselves lost and unsure how to access help. Challenges faced may include behavioural issues, anxiety or problems at school. 


Our aim is to help families navigate their way through tough times and provide exceptional mental health services to young people.

We value integrity, honestyrespect, and we will display empathy, kindness and compassion at all times. 


We have psychiatrists, psychologists and paediatricians all under the same roof, so that your child's needs can be met in one place. 

Behaviour, learning and emotions are our specialty, and we are here to help your child reach their full potential.

If you would like to request a copy of our Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy, Complaints Policy, Child Safe Policy or Client Protection Policy, please contact Reception.

A Supportive Therapist

Behaviour, learning and emotions are our specialty.